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Our Non-Stop Gear


Harnesses, leads, collars, backpacks, coats, snowsuits, booties, canicross gear and more! 

I am often asked about the gear we use so I've listed out each item and below is a link to shop!

Non-stop dog wear

The link above is an affiliate link, which doesn't change your shopping experience, but if you do decide to purchase anything, we earn a 10% commission from your purchase. So we would love it if you did use our link to shop! :) 

I'll try and order the items by how often we use them, so first up:



Nice and hardy with reflective edging, we love the Cruise collar. It has a semi-slip function and an attachment point for collar lights (which you can often see on the boy's collars). 

Hugo wears a size XS and Spencer wears a size M.


I have used 2 of the leads from Non-Stop; The touring bungee (a standard hand-held bungee lead - this is what comes with the canicross kit) which I mainly use for canicross, and the Touring adjustable bungee. The adjustable bungee gives you the option of both a hand-held and a waist belt by extending the length of the handle. I use this on every hike and keep it looped on my waist so that I can pop the boys on if I see sheep or if there is a tricky section.

I also have the lead splitter (the touring double) which is fab for attaching both to me from one waist lead, or for when I want to canicross run with them both together.


Non-stop have quite a range of harness styles, all designed with anatomy and freedom of joint moment in mind (which I love!). 

I've only tried the Line Harness Grip and it's fab. A great minimal design that still gives you the benefit of the grab handle if you need it. Like the collar, the harnesses have reflective edging and all straps are cushioned so a really comfortable fit for them. It is designed for hiking & everyday use but can also be used for running sports like canicross due to the minimal design.

Hugo wears a size 4 and Spencer wears a size 5.

A few times a week

Small Dog Canicross kits:

The kits include; The Freemotion harness, The Touring Bungee lead, CaniX belt (for humans) and a headband. With multiple sizes available for each item, you're able to get a really custom kit for you and your dog. While I have seen people using the freemotion harness as an everyday harness, we personally don't as it is designed for pulling, so when offlead you to have the harness 'tail' hanging loose. The CaniX belt is a great minimal design and (especially when I compare to when I use to run with the boys using just a thin waist belt) is very comfortable to run in and wear! 

Hugo wears harness size 4, Spencer wears harness size 5, I (Hollie) use the S belt and I have the 2/23 leads.

As and when!


I'm using coats for the boys less as we're coming out of the winter season (although they're still used on each summit camp) but the Glacier 2.0 jackets are one of my favourite items from Non-Stop. They are brilliantly designed with awesome features and I couldn't recommend them more! The jackets are a well fitting warm coat that has water resistance so pretty perfect for wintery and/or snowy hikes. As they are not waterproof, I wouldn't use them if you're heading out in the rain, and would instead go for something like Fjord raincoat

Hugo wears a size 45 and Spencer wears a size 50. 


When doing a summit camp or a long trek, it can be really handy to split a bit of the load and have the boys carry their own things! I've used the Amundsen packs twice now - both for summit camps - and they are a great size. The boys each carry their own sleeping bag, coat, booties, food and bowl, plus there is room in the easy access pockets for treats. 

The pack size XXS fits Hugo pretty perfectly and Spencer is between an XS and XXS. 

Sleeping Bags:

Dog sleeping bags are not something I knew existed until we started summit camping but I'm so glad they do! Aside from the fact they are, of course, practical and keep your dog warm, they are absolutely adorable! The boys love snuggling into their LY sleeping bags in the tent and with the additional head-opening zip, you can either leave them with their head poking out or entirely zip them in. Spencer loves to be fully zipped in whereas Hugo likes to keep his nose out! 

Hugo fits the size S sleeping bag and Spencer fits the size M. 

Protector Snow suit:

I absolutely love this! I've not seen a product so well designed for its purpose before and its was brilliant for the boys this winter. Its a pretty thin lycra-ish tight suit that covers the dog's entire body and protects them from snow bobbling. The only things that stick out are their head, feet, tail and theres a small (and very well placed!) hole in the groin for them to pee! The suits are either designed for male or female because they are so fitted so take the time to measure properly when picking a size. Top tip we got from Non-Stop - put a sandwich bag over your dogs paw when putting the suit on as its helps it glide over their paws!. I have tried other things like fleeces that do help a bit but we found the boys over heat, the fleece retains water (and then freezes to them) and you still have quite a large amount of fur left exposed. Being so light and thin, the protector snow suit does exactly what it says - it protects them from the snow - without the negatives we experienced from fleeces! So next winter if you're heading out into quite a bit of snow, I would definitely recommend getting one of these. 

Hugo wears a size XS and Spencer wears a size M. 


Non-Stop have a few options for booties that are all the sock style and we use the all-rounders, the Protector Booties. The boys have tried the shoe-style boots before (the ones that have a solid sole) and they really did not like them! They are much more comfortable in these sock-style ones! I use them in winter during snowy hikes to stop snowbobbling on their toe-fluff and also use them if I am taking them canicross running on a hard surface like tarmac so that they don't scrape their paws. In the photo you can see one on and one off to compare :)

Both boys fit into the M booties.


Both of my boys are great swimmers, but I still like to have a lifejacket on them when we're doing water sports just in case. The new Protector Life Jacket has a great minimal design that is really supportive for their torso, so they arent in the way when sitting or moving about, but they are still fully supported in the water. 

Hugo wears a size 4 and Spencer wears a size 5. 

The boys' measurements:

Maximum head size: Hugo - 36cm / Spencer - 41cm 

Neck: Hugo - 34cm / Spencer - 38cm 

Elbow to elbow: Hugo - 48cm / Spencer - 52cm 

Chest: Hugo - 57cm / Spencer - 62cm 

Back length: Hugo - 44.5cm / Spencer - 51.5cm 

Weight: Hugo - 13kg / Spencer - 19kg

Pop us a DM if you have any specific questions about the products mentioned above and check out the Non-Stop site for more technical information on the items!